St Peter’s Church

Galley Common

1909 - 2009

Serving its community for 100 years

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The George Eliot Connection

The organ at St Peter’s Church was made by ‘Flight and Son’ who were organ builders to Queen Victoria.  It was originally in St Paul’s Church, Stockingford, but was given to St Peter’s when the church was completed in 1909.  At that time there were close ties between the two churches, as St Peter’s was the Mission Church under the jurisdiction of St Paul’s.  

It is believed that the organ was not new when St Paul’s church purchased it.  They had an organ put into the church in the 1880’s, believed to be the ‘Flight and Son’ organ.  At the same time Chilver’s Coton Church was removing their old organ and were having a new one.  

No records survive from Chilver’s Coton Church due to bomb damage during the Second World War, but local historian, Peter Simpson, believed that it was a 99% probability that the organ moved from Chilver’s Coton Church was the one that ended up in Stockingford Church and subsequently St Peter’s.  If this is the case it would mean that the organ at St Peter’s is, in all likelihood, the organ written about by George Eliot herself in her novel ‘A Clerical Life’, where she describes it.

Ample galleries are supported on iron pillars, and in one of them stands the crowning glory, the very clasp or aigrette of Shepperton church-adornment - namely, an organ, not very much out of repair, on which a collector of small rents, differentiated by the force of circumstances into an organist, will accompany the alacrity of your departure after the blessing, by a sacred minuet or an easy ‘Gloria’.

George Eliot