St Peter’s Church

Galley Common

1909 - 2009

Serving its community for 100 years

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Mining Memories

After many initial owners a Staffordshire man, Sir Alfred Hickman, the great coal owner and industrialist took over Haunchwood ‘Tunnel’ Pit during the late 1890’s. In 1909 he was responsible for building St Peter’s Church, built for the miners of Galley Common and it’s surrounding area. The Haunchwood Colliery was one of several large pits in the area and it dominated village life until it’s closure in 1968.

For information on ‘NINES WAS STANDING’ The 1950’s documentary filmed at Haunchwood Colliery go to our FUNDRAISING page.

Below: A selection of our archive photographs

Below: Our ‘Mining Memories’ exhibition.